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The process is simple: A small sample of your blood is drawn in the office and processed with a centrifuge to yield Platelet-Rich Plasma. This personalized plasma amplifies the natural growth factors your body uses to heal your tissue. This product can be injected into your scalp to help regrow hair. It can also be placed on the skin in combination with a microneedling procedure to treat wrinkles, photodamage and even acne scarring.

PRP is an emerging natural non-surgical therapy for thinning hair. Numerous studies in the medical literature show positive results. The theorized process by which PRP works for hair growth is via platelets in the PRP fraction of the blood. Platelets contain many growth factors which stimulate the stem cells inside the hair follicle. This causes inactive hair follicles to “turn on” by going into the active growth phase.

PRP is considered cosmetic, therefore it is not covered by insurance.